3 Waste Management And Recycling Habits That Will Get You Going Green Sooner

As much as waste management and recycling have gained momentum in recent years, there remains a lot more that householders can do to conscientiously get rid of waste to the benefit of the environment. Effective waste management takes time and effort which may be a challenge for busy homeowners. As leaders in our industry, it is Cheapest Bin Hire’s mission to ease the process of proper waste disposal for Melbourne’s residents. We hope the following ways will inspire better and more positive waste removal habits.

1.    Buy products manufactured from re-used materials

This habit doesn’t take up time or effort. All it requires is conscientious decision making when it comes to using the power of your dollar. By simply choosing to support businesses that use recycled materials, you are contributing to a more sustainable planet. Recycled products include cardboard boxes, garden supplies, furniture and household décor items.

2.    Minimise disposable waste by composting

One of the great benefits of composting for homes with gardens is the rich nutrients composted materials provide for nurturing plants and vegetable gardens. Composting is very simple to implement. All it involves is separating fruit and vegetable peels and seeds and creating a compost pile to be used in your garden once they have successfully decomposed.

3.    Enlist the services of a professional rubbish removal company

Look for a company specialising in hard rubbish and green waste removal. This is the safest way to dispose of items that are not suitable for council bins like mattresses, white goods, broken furniture and some electrical goods that are not in working condition. Any item that is no longer wanted but is still in good condition can be donated to a charity.

Help secure a healthier planet for future generations. Choose Cheapest Bin Hire in Melbourne to deliver cost effective waste management and recycling services. Call us today and let us help you do your bit.