Is all the rubbish from the bins and skips taken directly to landfill?

WM Waste Management Services prides itself on being environmentally aware. Following solid waste and recycling principles, we use the Knox Transfer Station along with other tipping facilities to ensure maximum recycling. All waste goes through our transfer station not to landfill, therefore anything that can be recycled will be.

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How high can I fill a bin or skip?

To ensure maximum safety WM Waste Management Services must insist that skips and bins are filled only to the height of the side of the vessel. No boards or similar material can be placed on the sides to hold more rubbish. VicRoads has strict safety rules and regulations regarding the transport of rubbish bins and skips for hire that we must comply with. If a bin or skip is deemed unsafe for transport upon pickup, it will not be removed and additional costs will be incurred if our collectors arrive on site for a non-pickup. Should this scenario occur, the individual would be required to unpack the rubbish and adjust to a safe level.

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Do you provide rubbish removal services to both residential and commercial properties?

Yes. WM Waste Management Services provide where possible rubbish bins and skips to businesses and residential properties within our Melbourne delivery areas (eastern, south eastern suburbs as well as the Yarra Valley).

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Do I have to be home when you deliver the rubbish bin or skip?

No. As long as you have clearly instructed us to where the waste vessel is to be placed or left a sign for the driver on the property.

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How long will the arrival of the rubbish bin or skip take after ordering?

WM Waste Management Services will endeavour to deliver a rubbish bin or skip the same day as an early morning order. However to ensure product availability we suggest that you book the waste removal unit in advance.

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